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    Ab sofort steht euch MIUI in der Version 5.2.13 auf Deutsch für folgende Geräte zur Verfügung:

    Xiaomi MI 2/2S - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI 2A - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI3 WCDMA - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI3 TD - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI4 WCDMA - (V6)
    MiPad - (V6)
    Redmi Note 4G LTE - (V6)
    Redmi 2 WCDMA - (V6)
    Redmi 2 TD - (V6)

    *NEU* MI NOTE WCDMA - (V6)

    Danke an unseren (ehemaligen) Partner Geekvida.de für das kurzfristige Bereitstellen des Xiaomi Mi Note!

    MIUI ROM 5.2.13 Changelog

    Spoiler anzeigen

    Fix - Error when accessing country codes (12-31)

    [Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
    New - Added 'Smartcover mode' option (02-10)
    Optimization - Display position of lockscreen notifications (02-10)
    Optimization - UI details of data usage info on notification shade (02-10)
    Fix - Keyboard overlapped with 'Ok' button when setting lockscreen passwords (02-10)
    Delete - Deleted option 'Long press back to take photo' (02-10)
    Delete - Deleted lockscreen notifications wake screen automatically feature (02-10)

    [Home screen]
    New - One-handed mode settings shortcut in one-handed mode (02-10)
    Optimization - Optimized animation effects of launching/exiting Recents page (02-10)
    Fix - Sometimes home screen icons overlapped in rotating (02-10)
    Fix - Error in using home screen icons locating function (02-11)
    Fix - GPS icon displayed wrongly in notification shade (02-11)
    Fix - Long pressing apps in a folder caused the folder to close (02-11)
    Fix - Display error of home screen icons when using large font (02-11)
    Fix - Sometimes, apps' superscripts did not disappear after clearing notifications from notification shade (02-11)
    Fix - Display error of clock (2X1) widget (02-12)

    Optimization - Enhanced smoothness of swiping animation (02-11)

    New - Log into mail account without setting it up when using mobile data (02-11)

    [Mi Account]
    New - Support editing user info such as name and profile picture (02-11)
    Fix - Using third party avatar might cause system crash (02-11)

    decuro.de Changelog

    Diverse Übersetzungsfehler korrigiert - (5.2.13)