• Hallo liebe decuro Community!

    Ab sofort steht euch MIUI in der Version 5.4.10 auf Deutsch für folgende Geräte zur Verfügung:

    Xiaomi MI 2A - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI3 WCDMA - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI3 TD - (V6)
    Xiaomi MI4 WCDMA - (V6)
    MiPad - (V6)
    Redmi Note 3G - (V6)
    Redmi Note 4G LTE - (V6)
    Redmi 1 WCDMA (V6)
    Redmi 1S WCDMA (V6)
    Redmi 2 WCDMA - (V6)
    Redmi 2 TD - (V6)
    Mi Note LTE - (V6)

    MIUI ROM 5.4.10 Changelog

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    Fix - Power button did not respond when charging with phone turned off (04-10)

    Fix - After importing a contact from SIM card, operating in that contact detail page might cause UI error (04-09)

    [Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
    New – Added icons superscripts, notifications ringtone/vibration, notification light options in notifications management page (04-02)
    Optimization - Restored and optimized 'Skip swipe screen' option (04-09)
    Optimization - New notifications will not wake screen when smartcover is closed (04-09)
    Fix - Changing system language caused system to crash (04-07)

    [Home screen]
    Optimization - Enabling one-handed mode for the first time will lead to one-handed mode settings page automatically (04-10)
    Fix - Sometimes, home screen icons were repeated (04-07)
    Fix - Clock widget did not show (04-09)

    Fix - Swiping up/down was recognized as swiping left/right (04-08)
    Fix - Using third party font caused temperature text to misalign (04-08)
    Fix - Temperature text was misaligned when first launching Weather app (04-08)

    New - Support using Reading mode globally, and adjusting reading mode effect (04-09) (Mi Note)

    New - Added 'Ignore this update' option (04-08)
    New - Added Feedback function (Personal - Settings - Feedback) (04-08)
    Fix - Sometimes, app permissions page would FC (04-08)
    Fix - 'Ad' icon in front page displayed wrong (04-08)
    New - Support deleting history items (04-07)
    New - Added Download section to manage local stations (04-07)

    Optimization - Launching speed of calendar widget after booting up the device (04-09)

    New - Support deleting history items (04-07)
    New - Added Download section to manage local stations (04-07)

    decuro.de Changelog

    • Diverse Übersetzungsfehler korrigiert - (5.4.10)

    • Fix Google Play Movie- Fehler - (5.3.13)
    • Fix Chinesische Radio App entfernt und die normale Radio App wieder hinzugefügt - (5.3.20)
    • Fix ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter entfernt um Gapps FC zu verhindern- (5.3.20)

    MiPad - unter "Sicherheit" → "App Vorgänge" können nun die Berechtigungen von Nicht-System Apps entzogen werden - (5.3.6)
    • Decuro Wallpaper hinzugefügt (5.4.3)